9/11: The Inside Job That Created America 2.0 – By Donald Jeffries

Posted by: on September 12, 2022

Twenty one years of intensive lies and covering up!

I refer frequently to our crumbling homeland, The Country Formerly Known as the United States (plural), as America 2.0. I believe that we began transitioning from the imperfect and certainly corrupt America 1.0 to the tyrannical beast that oppresses us today, on September 11, 2001, when all those planes wreaked all that havoc.
Our beloved leaders had tried to warn us about the threat of “terrorism.” Sure, there were questions to be asked, like for instance why the “terrorists” who seemingly hated us more for our unswerving support of Israel than for our “freedom,” didn’t seem to focus their “terrorism” on Israel. It was with good reason that Alex Jones coined the term Al-CIAda, to describe what was then the biggest bogeyman in the “terrorist” world- Al Qaida. Later, of course, that term would be dropped, for Isis, or sometimes Isil. After they killed Libyan nationalist Muammar Qaddafi, they strangely changed the spelling of his last name, to Kaddafi or Gaddafi. Was that just a way to further disrespect a man who was loved by his people?
We probably couldn’t hope to understand something that birthed “suicide bombers.” Are virgins in the afterlife really that alluring? Sharia Law (which, btw, forbids collecting interest on money- we can’t have that). The Taliban. The trigger words were everywhere. As former French Intelligence Officer Pierre-Henri Bunel commented, “The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US…”
“Al Qaeda” translates roughly to “the toilet” in Arabic. Now why would a proud people come up with such a disgusting name for their organization? The establishment assures us that Antifa, for instance, is not an actual group, but a radical philosophy. The evidence that Al Qaeda is not an actual group is much more substantial. If you were a corrupt elite, attempting to terrorize the public in order to distract them from your hopeless corruption, “terrorism” would be made to order.
If you’re interested in a detailed examination of the ridiculous official story of 9/11, please check out my book Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American History. I will go even further down the 9/11 rabbit hole in the upcoming Hidden History 3. Basically, the public was told that four commercial airliners had been hijacked that day, and flew unimpeded for over an hour after the FAA first knew they’d been hijacked. Our vaunted “defense” system did nothing in response. Exactly what had Americans been paying all those trillions to the Military Industrial Complex for? Weren’t they supposed to “defend” us?
Nothing worked that day, apparently. Although the Pentagon, even then, was covered with surveillance cameras, none of them managed to catch the “plane” that struck it. This was unfortunate news for the “conspiracy theorists” who pointed out that the impact hole was far too small for the alleged plane, while there were no impact marks from the wings, which were also not sheared off and left outside. That video could have solved the controversy. As it turns out, most of the cameras weren’t working that day. Just a coincidence. But then there was the video from the Citgo gas station across the street, and the nearby Doubletree Motel. Both were naturally confiscated by the government, and the belatedly released Citgo tape didn’t catch the crash. Another coincidence. The 2006 video finally produced by the Pentagon showed a fireball, but not what created it. That crazy Pentagon video.
Science tells us, and we all know science is infallible, that steel cannot melt until it reached a temperature of 1535 degrees Celsius. And yet mainstream media noted that the fires in the World Trade Center became as hot as 800 degrees Celsius. That is nowhere near hot enough to melt steel, if we are to believe science. And obviously, we should, we must, always believe science. But that didn’t, and doesn’t, stop the establishment from claiming that the fire from the jet fuel melted the steel in the Twin Towers. It’s a science thing, you wouldn’t understand.
As I will show in Hidden History 3, by the most conservative estimate, some one hundred and eighteen firefighters reported explosions in the World Trade Center. Maybe they were all deluded “conspiracy theorists.” And yet it is the firefighters, cast as the ultimate heroes of 9/11, who have often been used to crush any dissent on the subject. This was best reflected in the idiotic comment from lame comedian Denis Leary, who replied to a 9/11 Truther, “My brotha is a firefighter!” Yeah, that answers my questions. Such is the “evidence” that official sources produce.
I will delve far more deeply into the mysterious Flight 93, which supposedly crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania that day, in Hidden History 3. There was recurring eyewitness testimony that no evidence of a plane, or a crash, was seen at the site. Other testimony seemed to indicate that perhaps our government had shot the plane down, and then lied about it. There were even reports, coming from the mayor himself, that Flight 93 had actually landed in Cleveland. What? Such a story seemed to cry out for a Lois Lane-type reporter. You know, the kind that exist only in Hollywood.
If Flight 93 landed in Cleveland, like the mayor said it did, what happened to the passengers? All of the alleged phone calls made that day from the planes were, of course, impossible, as I show in Hidden History. The technology didn’t permit it. So Flight 93 passenger Mark Bingham, introducing himself to his mother on the phone as “This is your son, Mark Bingham,” like all good sons do, wouldn’t have been able to do that. His mother, btw, appeared to be laughing during an interview about the call on ABC News. This was long before Sandy Hook and similar incidents.
And then there’s the whole Flight 93 “Let’s Roll,” thing, which was instigated, we are told, by one Todd Beamer. This was after Todd engaged in a long last phone call to an operator. During the call, the operator naturally asked him if he’d like to be put through to his wife. You know, seeing as how his plane was going to go down, and all. But he insisted that she stay on the line with him. Now most people, in that situation, would have wanted to spend their last moments with their spouse, not a stranger. Not Todd. That’s just what heroes are made of. Imagine 9/11 without “Let’s Roll.” And yet, there’s that mayor saying the flight landed in Cleveland….
As for the alleged hijackers themselves, the government was saying afterwards that many of them were still alive. What? As Barbara Honnegar noted, “The US military, not al Qaeda, had the sustained access weeks before 9/11 to also plant controlled demolition charges throughout the superstructures of WTC1 and WTC2, and in WTC7, which brought down all three buildings on 9/11. A US military plane, not one piloted by al Qaeda, performed the highly skilled, high−speed 270−degree dive towards the Pentagon…” The alleged pilots, in fact, were said to be laughably incompetent. How could they have maneuvered the aircraft like experts?
The four doomed airliners of 9/11 were all said to have been suspiciously under capacity in terms of passengers that day. But this didn’t stop one of those emotional stories from being promulgated on television, that two of the women who’d died had been flying together for years. That day, however, they were unable to get seats on the same plane. What? Since it was also being reported that the planes were at least half empty, how did this possibly make any sense? Let’s get Lois Lane on that story.
There were a bunch of unnatural deaths associated with 9/11. But then, if you’ve researched these things like I have, you know that’s as inevitable as missing and withheld evidence. Take Barry Jennings. He claimed to have heard explosions in Building 7 that day. Building 7, if you didn’t know, was the third World Trade Center structure to collapse that day. It was never struck by a plane, so how the jet fuel cocktail, never hot enough to melt steel, according to science, got there is anyone’s guess. Probably Bill Nye could explain it. At any rate, Jennings died of unclear causes at fifty three, and a private eye hired by Loose Change filmmaker Dylan Avery to investigate would summarily quit and tell him, “Never contact me again.”
I’m just throwing some of this out here. There is so much evidence of conspiracy and coverup that it boggles the mind. There was, naturally, a drill going on that day, conducted by NORAD, called “Vigilant Guardian.” The 9/11 Commission, every bit as worthless as the Warren Commission, would actually conclude that the drill made NORAD even more responsive than normal. So doing absolutely nothing for almost an hour and a half, while a plane was headed for the heart of our defense system, was an example of extra alertness. In the same vein, the Secret Service doing nothing for six seconds while shots were fired at JFK, was commendatory and courageous.
Then there was that whole missing $2.3 trillion thing, which Donald Rumsfeld happened to mention the day before 9/11. Grilling Rumsfeld about that was probably the final nail in Cynthia McKinney’s congressional coffin. Now she’s relegated to talking to the likes of me. Another member of Congress, Dennis Kucinich, was also interested in what really happened on 9/11. He left public office as well. And Senator Paul Wellstone was asking enough questions about 9/11 for Dick Cheney to start hating him. You don’t make Dick Cheney mad. Well, you didn’t then. Now he’s almost as cool as his lovely daughter Liz is. Trump and all that. Anyway, Wellstone and his family were killed in a suspicious plane crash.
You can bet that there will be lots of the usual sappy, patriotic talk today. Commemorating all the heroism. All the sacrifice. Americans love to sacrifice. Especially the soldiers, the cops, and the firefighters. No wonder women love a man in uniform. Nobody was sacrificing better than the firefighters that day. Ask Denis Leary about that. Sure, they provided enough evidence to destroy the official fairy tale on their own, but damn they looked sexy with all that WTC dust on them. Let’s focus on the heroism, not the initial testimony.
And the families? Well, there were the Jersey Girls. They asked a lot of questions that no one tried to answer, even with all that “respect” they felt for their loss. And Ellen Mariani. No one raised more hell than her. But she died, still unclear of what, or even how old she was. That’s common in these cases. While writing Hidden History 3, I tried to contact some of those renegade firefighters, and family members who were unsatisfied with their government’s explanation, but was unsuccessful. Considering how outspoken they had initially been, that’s exceedingly strange. But I should tread carefully, lest I be accused of “harassing” them.
In the wake of the events of September 11, 2001, the unconstitutional monstrosity known as the Department of Homeland Security was created. And, of course, the Patriot Act was passed. Americans really began seeing infringements on their civil liberties. Free speech zones? But we were at war with the “terrorists.” True, we had no real way of identifying this elusive enemy, and really anyone named Muhammad was considered suspect. But if we questioned this too much, we were simply letting the terrorists win. As the great George W. Bush pointed out, “If you aren’t with us, you’re with the terrorists.” Bush learned well from Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt.
So, the memorials today will be conspiracy-free. No “theories” allowed. No facts allowed, either. Just talk about how we will never forget. How it just made us stronger. How New Yorkers took it so personally, but not personally enough to, you know, actually examine the evidence. The tragic tales of personal loss and haunting final phone messages. You won’t hear much about all the funds set up in the wake of 9/11, which like the funds set up after every mass casualty event, have never been audited. Or the shocking numbers of celebrities who were scheduled to fly on one of the doomed 9/11 flights, but fortuitously cancelled. I guess there were just an inordinate number of celebrities in Boston that day.
It’s a delicate balancing act to hate America’s history and tradition, and yet still trot out dishonestly portrayed national events like this, and wrap it in a giant American flag. Patriotism still sells, even amid all those statues being torn down. This is about obedience to the state. The very, very corrupt state. Go with the program. Don’t ask questions. That wasn’t appreciated in America 1.0, and it certainly is frowned upon in America 2.0. Sure, you’ve lost most of your civil liberties, but you could live in one of those Godforsaken countries that “support terrorism.” What would you do without Disney Plus?
And the death of Queen Elizabeth- taken from us at the tender age of ninety six, seems to be mixing in with the 9/11 tributes. Which makes the whole thing even more confusing. Americans fought a war for independence to secede from British colonial rule. We didn’t want any kings or queens here. And yet, our dumbed-down populace still has an affinity for the Royals. So melding the death of a monarch- the kind we broke away from- in with the event, falsely reported though it continues to be, that represents the essence of modern American patriotism, isn’t really all that strange. It’s the dishonesty that counts, and they’re very good at being dishonest.
I appeared on a 9/11 retrospective yesterday, and will be going on a couple of other shows to discuss it today. Of course, they aren’t the biggest platforms. They aren’t going to invite me on a big television network. No one has ever been allowed to broach the subject of 9/11 truth on any of our “competing” television networks. That’s the way a free press works. It may seem like they’re taking our rights away, but just click your heels three times and keep repeating, “They hate us for our freedom.”

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